WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Cuboid Upgrade

Cuboid Upgrade Firmware Software

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  • Firmware V3.15
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  • Firmware V3.00
Post Date: April 27, 2016
License: Software
Support: win10/win8/win7/XP/Mac

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VT Software to Upgrade Cuboid

This VT software is for upgrading your Cuboid to the latest Firmware Version. Your temperature control device will be always up to date because of upgradeable firmware.

Cuboid Upgrade Firmware Software

What’s new in Version 3.05 and 3.15?
The Cuboid has the 150W maximum output wattage and can also be upgraded to 200W. However, different people have different needs. Thus we developed two versions: V3.05 and V3.15 with maximum output of 150W and 200W respectively.

Reverse charge
The CUBOID can be served as a power bank to charge other e-cigarettes or electronic devices.

How to achieve?
1. Download the latest VT Software for CUBOID and upgrade your mod to the latest firmware.
2. Install the Avatar reverse charging (RC) adapter on the 510 connector.
3. Press the fire button and “+” button simultaneously and then press “+” button to enter into the USB Charge menu. Choose on to activate reverse charge function.
4. Press the fire button 3 times and then press “+” button to switch between different modes. Choose the USB charge mode, connect with your electronic devices via the USB cable to charge.

Previous updates
Preheat Function
We listened to our fans about adding the preheat into our existing firmware upgradeable devices. And now, the preheat function is available. This is especially an essential when using an RDA, RTA, ceramic heads and so on.

Cuboid Upgrade Firmware Software

Simply long press the fire button and “+” regulate button simultaneously to enter into the regulation interface. Then press the “+” button 2 times to enter into Preheat Setting Menu1. Press the fire button to switch between preheat power and preheat duration. Press “+” or “-” buttons to regulate. Long press the fire button to confirm.
1: When you enter into the preheat menu, press the “-” button first then to regulate the preheat power and duration.

Simplified New Interface
We redesigned the user interface based on the creatives by our fans. It is simple and clear with all the essential elements on display.

Cuboid Upgrade Firmware Software

Game Mode

We added the new Game Mode this time in order to bring more fun to you. Simply press the fire button and right regulatory button simultaneously to enter into the menu regulation interface1. Then press the right regulatory button again to enter into the Game Mode menu2 directly. Choose Easy, Normal or Hard level and press the fire button to start the game. Press the fire button and right regulatory button simultaneously to exit.

Cuboid Upgrade Firmware Software

Custom Logo
Users can upload custom logos onto your Cuboid. The logo should be single color bmp. picture with limited 64*40 pixel.

How to achieve?
1. Download the new VT Software 1.20 and upgrade your Cuboid to firmware V3.02/3.12 or higher versions first.
2. Upload the logo you prepared.
3. Press the fire button and right regulatory button simultaneously to enter into the on/off menu of custom logo function. Then you’re ready to enjoy it.

Cuboid Upgrade Firmware Software

Modes Shift Adjustment
On the new firmware V3.02 and V3.12, we made a slight change to the modes shifting. In the main menu, we’re now having TEMP, TCR, POWER and SMART modes.
We integrate normal VT modes (Temp Ni, Temp Ti, Temp SS316) into the TEMP sub-menu. When you at the sub-menu, just press the Up button to switch among Temp NI, Temp TI, and Temp SS316 modes.
We also changed the display of TCR mode, that is to say, we added the actual TCR value onto the mode display (e.g. TCR 120 M1).

The Smart Mode will aromatically save ten groups of output settings. Each resistance contains an output power setting. It can be adjusted and will be saved once you changed the output wattage. When ten groups of profiles are saved, the first profile will be deleted if a new resistance is added. And it is the same to continue.

Cuboid Upgrade Firmware Software

Wattage Down Setting Available
Output wattage can be adjusted up and down as you wish under VT mode.
1. Press the fire button 3 times to enter the menu.
2. Press the left regulatory button, and the second row will blink.
3. Press the right regulatory button you can adjust the wattage then. Left button to decrease, right button to increase.
4. Press fire button to confirm.

Upgrade to 200W
Compatible with the Cuboid, the software to upgrade firmware to 3.10 Version is now available. The 3.10 Version enables you to upgrade the maximum output of your Cuboid to 200W.

Cuboid Upgrade Firmware Software

Note: Cuboid can be only upgraded by certain firmware. It is not compatible to firmwares designed for other devices.