WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

eGo-T Upgrade 650mAh USB Battery

eGo-T upgrade 650mAh USB battery

eGo-T Upgrade 650mAh USB Battery

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eGo-T Upgrade 650mAh USB Battery

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eGo-T Upgrade USB Battery Title

eGo-T Upgrade USB Battery Properties:

Length: 85mm
Weight: 30.0g

High-safety, high-capacity, high-magnification and high-stability dedicated lithium battery


cherry, silver, white, purple, red, black, green, blue, brassy, titanium, pink.

Universal Accessories:

510, 510-T, eGo, eGo-T atomizers

Based on the eGo-T standard battery, this battery features an internal charging chip and a mini USB port at base.
The battery can be charged using mini USB, standard USB cable, or wall adapter.

eGo-T Upgrade USB Battery Details

1) The protection switch has lock/unlock function, making it safer and easier to use and can prevent accidental battery discharge when not in use.
2) Cap protects mini USB port at base of battery.
3) Screw battery on USB connection using clockwise motion. USB cable may then be connected to computer or wall adapter for charging.It contains microchip to prevent overcharging.
4) The battery can be charged using mini USB. You can enjoy vaping while your e-cigarette charges.
5) Screw battery on atomizer, gently push cartridge into atomizer, and it's ready to use.

The upgrade battery features a new function: battery voltage output mode (variable voltage output mode). In this mode, the voltage varies from the constant 3.3V output as the battery power changes.

Special features of eGo-T upgrade USB battery

This Joyetech upgrade battery has two modes to switch to and from: the constant voltage output mode and the variable voltage output mode.

Switching operation and features :

• By holding down button for 5 seconds, the LED light will blink orange 3 times and the battery will switch to variable voltage output mode.
• In variable voltage output mode, the LED light will be orange and battery won't have power display function.
• When charging, orange LED will blink 5 times if it's in variable voltage mode.
• If you wish to switch back mode, hold the button down for 5 seconds once the battery is off.
• Pushing the button 5 times turns the battery on and off.

eGo-T Upgrade Battery LED