WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

eRoll-C Tank Cartridge (5pcs)

eRoll-C Tank Cartridge (5pcs)

eRoll-C Tank Cartridge (5pcs)

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eRoll-C Tank Cartridge (5pcs)

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eRoll C Cartridge Title

eRoll-C Cartridge Colors Properties:

  • Length: 35mm
  • Weight: 0.81g
  • Cylinder-shaped, can be refilled with 0.4 ml liquid
  • Colors: Black, Silver , Gold

eRoll-C cartridge is the Joye tank cartridge without tissues inside. You can drip e liquid directly into the tank cartridge easily.


The LED light is blue when it is charging and will turn off when it finishes charging. It takes about 25-30 minutes to charge the eRoll-C via the dedicated the eRoll-C PCC.
eRoll-C Cartridge Charging