Joye510CC single pack (280mAh)

Joye510CC single pack (280mAh)

Joye510CC single pack (280mAh)

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Joye510CC single pack (280mAh)

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Joye510CC Kit Title

Joye510CC Kit Colors
The Joye510CC has elegant design and comes in seven different color choices:
silver, matte black, matte white, pearl pink, purple, light blue and bright red.


The C1 atomizer head and mouthpiece of the Joye510CC are changeable.
Joye510CC Kit C1 Atomizer Head

Joye510CC Kit Box
Single Pack includes:

2× Joye510CC Mouthpiece
1× Joye510CC Atomizer Tube
1× Joye510CC Base

1× Wall Adapter
1×Extendable USB Cable
1×Manual & Warranty Card

1x Atomizer Tube
2× Atomizer C1 Head
1× Joye510CC 280mAh Battery

The slender and elegant design of the Joye510CC has e-cigarette enthusiasts feeling like love at first sight.

The Joye510CC's battery produces a 3.3V output and is available in two capacities (150mAh/280mAh).

Joye510CC Hand
Joye510CC Voltage

Joye510CC Dimensions


Length: 136.5mm / 161.5mm
Diameter: 9.2mm
Joye510CC Diameter

Joye510CC Atomizer

The transparent e-liquid window makes it easy to see when it is time to refill the e-liquid. Allowing you to avoid issues like leaking and burnt taste problems.

Length: 62.8mm
Diameter: 9.2mm
Joye510CC Atomizer

Joye510CC Assembly

Choose from seven different color options: matte black, matte white, pearl pink, purple, sky blue red and silver.
Joye510CC Circle

New way to charge

The Joye510CC can be charged from the bottom and lets you take puffs even while charging.
Joye510CC Charging

Filling the e-liquid

Unscrew the atomizer tube from the base. Inside the tube there is a small hole,
which is where you will put the e-liquid bottle tip in order to fill.
Gently squeeze e-liquid until it's full and screw battery on.

Joye510CC Fill